Neff Slide and Hide Door Glass Cleans

Neff Slide And Hide Oven Cleaning By Ovenmagic
Neff slide and hide oven clean and door glass

Slide and Hide Oven doors look great when new, but before long accidental spillages, crumbs, dust and streaks build up in-between the door glass and look unsightly if left too long. These stains can permanently mark the inner door glass.

The easiest way to clean in-between the door glass is to remove the oven door and strip it down. It can be difficult to remove and reassemble, especially if you don’t have the user manual available. This can be downloaded at Neff Manual , just enter the E-N Number and away you go.

If taking things apart is not for you, it’s time to call in a Professional Oven Cleaner and one that specialises in Neff Slide and Hide doors across Worcestershire and South Birmingham is Ovenmagic Or Ovenmagic Birmingham Ovenmagic was established in 2009 and are well into high double figures on slide and hide Oven cleans. They are still quite rare but we are now starting to see them more often, some less than 18 months old recently.

Neff Slide And Hide Oven Clean By Ovenmagic
Neff slide and hide with vents in door

When booking in for a slide and hide clean it’s a good idea to mention that you have a slide and hide door and check with the company that they will actually remove the door to clean it. Not every company is willing to remove these doors as they can be difficult to put back on if they are not familiar with them.

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