Teme Valley Aga Cleaner

Spring is in the air !

Ok with all the Rain we had this week in the Teme Valley I thought I had better make a few calls to check all roads where open just in case I needed to re-route as the next Job was over in  Tenbury Wells area and involves back lane driving,  anyhow after getting the all clear  I head over to Upper Sapey which is just outside Great Witley, Stanford Bridge the scenery out this way is Stunning well worth a visit, my first stop is for a 4 oven Aga Clean as well as a Neff single oven this is an annual clean and programmed in to coincide with there Aga service also.

Teme Valley
Aga Cleaning, Teme Valley, Upper Sapey Great Witley area

Yours truly putting the finishing touches to the Aga Clean.

The Teme Valley

Generally this area is underlain by the Old Red Sandstone Raglan Mudstone Formation (Silurian/Devonian), which in this area is traversed by the River Teme. To the west of the Teme, above the Raglan Mudstone Formation and forming the Bromyard Plateau is a wooded escarpment of Bishops Frome Limestone forming the top member of the Raglan Mudstone Formation base and overlain by the St Maughans Formation of Devonian age. To the east is the Silurian ridge of the Abberley Hills, incorporating deposits of the Permian Haffield Breccia on the Worcester side of the hills and also at the southern bank of the Teme as it cuts through the Silurian ridge. To the north and northeast are the Highley Beds of the Carboniferous Coal Measures.

The Teme Valley forms a distinctive drop in the topography as on the eastern side of the Teme, on the Raglan Mudstones Formation, the land is of a hummocky character. This rises up to the ridge of Silurian hills which is over 150 m higher than the river in places. On the west an escarpment some 100 m high ascends to the Bromyard Plateau of the St Maughans Group.