How to Clean Aga Hotplate ?

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Welcome to Spring it’s Aga Cleaning time again and time to think about servicing your Aga’s ready for the Autum season and may be find a new source for your heating oil Supply see the link below,I found this blog from probably need to check out coverage but may be worth a look if you have an Oil fired Aga or central heating system worth a look.

Aga Cleaning

Ovenmagic Professional Aga Cleaners

Just a reminder that we are now taking bookings for Aga Cleans in Worcestershire and South Birmingham and we are already in to June.

So it’s a good idea to plan ahead , we take bookings upto a year ahead and I will personally guarantee once your in the diary  the job will be done,  We can send an email or txt to remind you a few days before at the time of booking in case anything crops up ,

Ps  why not get your standby cooker cleaned up at the same time.

Paul Cleaning A Rare Gold Plated Aga - Ovenmagic

Paul Cleaning a Gold lid version Aga.

How To Clean the Aga Hotplate ?

Good product to use is Astonish it’s Recomended by the vitreous enamel association but Aga needs to be cool and used as a maintenance clean once a week and wipe up any splatter before it bakes on,they also do a good Glass cleaner but make sure it’s not vinegar based and clean it cool.

If your Aga hasn’t been Cleaned in 20 years and it’s Thick burnt on black, hard as Diamond don’t expect off the shelf products or home made recipes to work you will need a Professional with correct tools Knowledge and skill to get the best possible clean.

Anyway here’s a great infograph on how to cook the Full English on the Great British Aga With out getting Grease and splatter all over the Hot Plate and Lids


Aren’t you glad you bought an oil fired AGA? by Fuel Fighter.