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How to Clean Aga Hotplate ?

Hello Again,

Welcome to Spring it’s Aga Cleaning time again and time to think about servicing your Aga’s ready for the Autum season and may be find a new source for your heating oil Supply see the link below,I found this blog from http://www.fuelfighter.co.uk/ probably need to check out coverage but may be worth a look if you have an Oil fired Aga or central heating system worth a look.

Aga Cleaning Ovenmagic Professional Aga Cleaners

Just a reminder that we are now taking bookings for Aga Cleans in Worcestershire and South Birmingham and we are already in to June.

So it’s a good idea to plan ahead , we take bookings upto a year ahead and I will personally guarantee once your in the diary  the job will be done,  We can send an email or txt to remind you a few days before at the time of booking in case anything crops up ,

Ps  why not get your standby cooker cleaned up at the same time.

Paul cleaning a rare Gold Plated Aga - OvenMagic Paul Cleaning a Gold lid version Aga.

How To Clean the Aga Hotplate ?

Good product to use is Astonish it’s Recomended by the vitreous enamel association but Aga needs to be cool and used as a maintenance clean once a week and wipe up any splatter before it bakes on,they also do a good Glass cleaner but make sure it’s not vinegar based and clean it cool.

If your Aga hasn’t been Cleaned in 20 years and it’s Thick burnt on black, hard as Diamond don’t expect off the shelf products or home made recipes to work you will need a Professional with correct tools Knowledge and skill to get the best possible clean.

Anyway here’s a great infograph on how to cook the Full English on the Great British Aga With out getting Grease and splatter all over the Hot Plate and Lids

Aren’t you glad you bought an oil fired AGA? by Fuel Fighter.

Range Cooker Cleaning Service

Range Cooker Clean

Professional Range Cleaning Service

Ovenmagic Professional Range cleaning service, if your Range Cooker Could do with a little TLC this winter why not call Ovenmagic for a quote we clean all makes and models Hobs and Extractors Amazing results always, we cover all of the Worcestershire Region,

For Those in need of an Oven Deep Clean, the process always begins with the following debate: Do I hire a professional, or attempt to do the job myself ?

While routine oven cleaning, hob and extractor cleaning (e.g. wiping out after each use, rinsing the racks  grill pans, wiping down pan supports and extractor filters) can be fairly easy using  shop bought products if done regularly , deep cleaning tends to be a whole new ball game. Baked on carbon can be extremely difficult to remove especially if your oven has not been deep cleaned for a few years hiring a professional oven cleaner tends to be the better choice these days for the following reasons:

It saves you time. Those in need of our services tend to be busy professionals working long hours add on top the daily commute, Family and social time is more important, its ever wonder why things like oven cleaning is the bottom of the To Do list.

Looking after your investment, Range ovens tend to be expensive and a centre piece in most kitchens that’s why we like them looking clean if looked after properly they can be in kept in pristine condition always and should last a lifetime with maybe the odd element change, Best clean as you go and don’t let grease sit on  surfaces to long it will tarnish and change the appearance forever.

Better for the environment using bio degradable products is the way to go, less impact on natural resources even with best intentions recycling your old appliance still uses a lot of energy melting it down for use into some thing else then transporting it packaging, storing,shipping on top of the environmental impact of your new and hopefully made from recycled material, your new replacement appliance.

All things considered, hiring a professional oven cleaner once or twice a year tends to be quicker, easier, and safer and better for the environment.


Easy Oven Cleaning Redditch

Ovenmagic: Easy Oven Cleaning Redditch We Do The Full Strip Down Complete Clean of Your Oven in the Redditch Area.

Amazing Results Guaranteed  Ovenmagic is a professional company, Cleaning Ovens,Hobs,Extractors,Aga’s across Worcestershire since 2009.

  • Affordable Competitive Pricing
  • Our oven cleaning service is prompt and we are Fully insured professional oven cleaning company
  • Safe for Children and Pets, and Asthmatics
  • Our Promise to you: The most thorough oven clean you have ever seen or its free!

    Aga cleaning in progress

    Aga Cleaning by Kevin Ovenmagic


Local Professional Oven Cleaning Worcestershire

Amazing Oven Clean

Local Oven Cleaning Professional covering Worcestershire

Looking for a Local Oven Cleaning Company, Ovenmagic cover all of the Worcestershire area.

Just an update really its now coming up to the busiest time of year for us, So if your thinking of getting your oven cleaned this Autumn now is the time  to Book In, there is still plenty of availability November December at the moment.






Happy Halloween  Everyone !

Aga Cleaning Worcester

Aga Clean

  Professional Aga Cleaning around Worcestershire.

Wow August already this years going fast,  Whats with the weather it was hotter in May! let’s hope this weather picks up looking forward to the Heatwave they where talking about from the Azores sounds exotic any way.

AGA Cleaning Time we have been very busy May and June with AGAs mainly repeat customers who have turned them off for the summer and use that time to get them cleaned and Serviced ready for Autum Winter switch on.

Avoid the Rush book early as September And October can be very busy time  after the kids go back to school and it starts to go cooler and its time to get cosy around a nice warm sparkling  Aga again.


Spring Oven Cleaning Service

Spring Is just around the corner here in Worcestershire Have you already noticed the blossom starting to come through my favourite time of year is the Spring time here in Worcestershire.

Before and oven clean from OvenMagic Time to Spring in to action with the big clean up both inside and out so you can make the most of the longer days a head.

With so many jobs to be done why don’t you make a start by getting in some Professional Oven Cleaners OK it may cost a few quid depending on what you want doing,  but why waste a day or two or even a weekend struggling to clean Ovens and Ranges, Agas for so so results.

OK so I can do it my self  I here you say !     Yes absolutely  for about £5 you can get a few bags of Oven Pride follow instructions, will take a day soaking.

Just add some elbow grease  and scrub like there’s No tomorrow great fantastic

For some People this works and why shouldn’t it My Gran and Granddad Used to Scrub there Cooker after every meal but for those who can no longer get down on there knees for around 2 hours or  suffer from Back Ache weak wrists and Breathing problems or just to dam Busy.
Its a no Brainer!

Get Ovenmagic Round they have all the Proper kit to clean an oven in No time at all,   far far cleaner than any shop bought product will ever do, it will also stay Cleaner a lot longer than if you did it your self and will last around a Year on average.

And best of all they Will Guarantee Amazing Results,

We have been Cleaning Clients Ovens across Worcestershire Since 2009

Oven cleaning by OvenMagic

How will you Clean Yours ?

Rangemaster recommend TAAOC members

Ovenmagic a member of TAAOC, www.ovencleaning.net

We are pleased that having demonstrated our services to Rangemaster H.Q. they are happy to recommend to their customers that they use a TAAOC company to get their cookers cleaned.

Rest assured that Ovenmagic are experts at Professionally cleaning Rangemaster’s


If your looking to get your Rangemaster Professionally cleaned before Xmas, book early to avoid disappointment,


Looking For A local Oven Cleaning Company Worcester ?


Welcome to Our new Site,  Ovenmagic have now been Cleaning Ovens across Worcestershire for almost Five years now in that time we have cleaned many Thousands of Ovens in all shapes and sizes for mainly domestic Clients but  we also have an ever increasing demand for commercial Ranges Hobs, Extractors, Filters, due to there Larger Size and Heavy Carbonised Hobs these can be really difficult to get the desired result.

Commercial Range Cleaning

Oven Cleaning in Worcester and Bromsgrove, Redditch

Oven Cleaning Bromsgrove , Worcestershire

Oven Cleaning Bromsgrove by Ovenmagic


Kitchen Tips: Four reasons to hire a local Oven Cleaning Company

Oven cleaning must be one of the most hated household jobs, and while there are plenty of products on the market to make the task just a little bit easier, it is still a chore that most of avoid doing until it is far too late, and then cleaning the oven becomes even more of a challenge.

The answer? Call a Professional firm of Oven Cleaners to do all of the hard work for you. Some people might not want to go to expense of hiring someone; however, there are many advantages to using a service like this.

Time Saving

Cleaning an oven properly can take plenty of hard work and elbow grease, especially if the oven has been allowed to collect grease and grime over a long period of time.

However, an expert Oven Cleaning Company will have the oven looking sparkling and new in no time, leaving the householder to get on with all of the other things that they would much rather be doing.


Many of the different products have different instructions for use. Some of the products require that the oven is heated, while others require that the oven is left switched off. People often don’t stick to one product, and more often than not, they don’t read instructions, so choosing a professional who knows what they’re doing is the best option for any one that wants to avoid the risks of using potentially toxic products.


As well as just cleaning the oven, the best oven cleaning companies will also offer advice on replacing seals and parts, helping to keep the oven well-maintained and saving money long term. Oven Cleaners can also carry out minor repair work such as bulbs and filters.

Speciality Care

Different types of ovens need different kinds of care and a professional oven cleaning company can cater for this, whether the householder needs and Aga Cleaning or is the proud owner of a Rangemaster Rayburn, a professional oven cleaning company can help.

Established Company

Ovenmagic has been Cleaning Ovens across Worcestershire and South Birmingham Since around July 2009 in that time we have expanded too two vans on the Road to keep up with demand and to offer our customers more flexibility.  We have attended many training programs in that time and also  developed our own systems for getting the best Results on Any Type of  Oven, Hob we also specialise in Aga, Rangemaster, and Lacanche, to name a few.

Welcome to OvenMagic Cleaning Blog

Welcome to our new site, it’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally decided to move our site onto WordPress, which allows us the opportunity of freshening up the OvenMagic site and adding a blog to our site, but thanks to Pippa @ Pippas Web, our new site is now complete.So just who is OvenMagic, We are Worcestershire’s leading oven cleaning specialists, with years of experience cleaning Oven’s AGA’s, Range’s, hobs, microwaves and barbeques.
We know that cleaning your oven isn’t everyone’s favourite job, so let us do the hard work leaving you free to do something else.OvenMagic can make your oven sparkle again, in most case just like new.

We hope that in time on this blog we can share info about interesting oven cleans, helpful hints and tips for you to get the most out of your oven. On our site we already have some information about caring for your oven, AGA or  barbeque. If you have any questions or suggestions for information you would like us to write about then please drop us a line.

Let’s make 2014 – The year of the kitchen!

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Just had my oven professional cleaned by oven magic its just like a new one its fab, phone them and get them to do yours thanks OvenMagic.

John Worcester, 2013
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